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Product Name: Push Rod Guide Plate Kit AMC V8
Price: $64.95
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Description: What you"ve had to do in the past
You had to buy a guide plate that was not intended for an AMC head then cut it and weld it back together resulting in something ugly at best. The bad part was who ever sold you the guide plates didn"t tell you this up front and some of them didn"t even bother to include instructions as to how to modify had to CALL them after you found that the guide plates wouldn"t bolt to your head before they gave you the information.

Performance American Style"s answer to the problem
Here is the solution to the problem. It doesn"t take a rocket scientist to produce a bolt on guide plate for the AMC head, it just takes someone putting forth a little extra effort to get a good product made. Looking at the pictures above keep in mind you paid anywhere from $50 to over $80 for a product that took major modification to make work for you. So above your initial investment you had to spend more time/money to get what you wanted. Our guide plate solves that problem two ways...
1. You do not have to invest any time and money into modification. It is a bolt on solution.
2. This set of guide plates costs less than the guide plates you have to modify.
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