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AMC V8 Valve Spring Retainers1$69.008.25% if you live in Texas$69.00
Valvesprings1$89.008.25% if you live in Texas$89.00
AMC V8 timing set Roller, adjustable1$79.958.25% if you live in Texas$79.95
AMC V8 Solid Roller Lifters1$727.008.25% if you live in Texas$727.00
Hydraulic Roller Cam V8 Low RPM High Torque1$469.008.25% if you live in Texas$469.00
Total Cost:
$1,433.95 Plus Applicable Sales Tax
Shipping is included for all orders inside the lower American 48 states.
If you are outside the lower 48 American states or require special handling please email

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